fuzzzyyyy peaches.

' we all fall down.
but we must get back up. '

' just remember we are not human beings having a spiritual experience,
we are spiritual beings having a human experience. '

the moon's never looked so blue,
and the sun's never died so red,
in this moment our hearts are widespread.

' just fuck the whole world.
who's world is this? '

dedicated yourself,
no more stupid fucking distractions.
this is all you got.
times running away,
catch it,
and rise.

love isn't for anyone else, but you.
so fuck the rest.

either you stand, or you fall.
don't let the people stall,
your state of mind or perspective,
because if you got soul, you ain't infected.

i miss when happiness was easy.


the mind wanders, no matter what im doing.
it takes me away to where i know everything,
where i don't have to worry.
i know i've lost connection with this reality.
i've lost my past.
i feel misplaced.
im broken.
im hollow,
and am falling.

confused, ruined, destroyed, and wasted.

wandering beneath these constellations,
feeling lost among these heartless nations.

fuck this.
there is no purpose.
i am worthless.

through this loss of conformity,
change; exacerbating, my truth.
i've lost all my respect for these authorities,
as these years past, all i've concluded to was, sleuth.
living in this mind which, only connects with small minorities,
it feels like we're sitting staring, from a booth.
can't face this shit anymore,
even underthis sedation,
ive never been so lost.....


with this mind leadin to; exhaust,

reluctantly we stood there, in disbelief of each other,
with the thick melody, cigarette on the floor smothered.
another instance, we both wouldn't bother.
fuck this shit, she said, as this proved to be the last thread.
as my mind bled, along that air, we died, inside; it wasn't fair.
where to go? we stood there feeling bare,
with that occasional, discomforting stare.
with in this walk away, the cutting despair,
creeps down my head, knowing im not prepared.
scared, for this demon to come out and share,
every little opened scar, just open the car,
let me run away.
i know i'll be happier astray...
im not okay.

eternal sunshine,

the citrus acidic, vibes reach theyre beautiful climactic times,
inside the pink rhelm of crimes, these rhymes ain't got no lines,
that confine to the rhythmic pattern known and used by pop tribes.
come feel the rise, this time we here to break the sky,
don't lie, you ain't survive without that ol' school supply.
good-bye to all these past mind suicides, because i've gotta try,
can't let that high die, but don't fry your mind, why?
bitch take a look into your own eyes, the only way to fly,
is to get by, with that conscience and you be fine.
because if you roast it to a lime swine,
you be wine n dine'in in your own, declining.
no defining this, way i'm feeling,
can't be concealing, because my mind can't keep it's peace,
and oh lord,
i can't afford to break this hoard,
because that's where i got my memory stored.
and aboard all this shit, i've still got to transmit
my thoughts through lines, so here let me spit
and you can press record, so we can all take a step, and push toward,
our own destinies and fates, which in short form means, lifes; reward.
don't feel ignored if you're lost and lone
because underneath this darkness, it's easier to be shown,
the brighter side of your own emotional, cyclone.
no thought or feeling is ever unknown, don't break this tone,
i cannot postpone, my wounds still need to be sewn,
i will not hang up this phone..

i miss you more, than words can describe.

as this lucid comparison; wrinkles our reality,
we sit and stare, into mothers eyes, as we drink her tea.
we forget to be, when we are suppose to see, morality.
as the melody, steadily keeps our rhythm, we seek glory,
from within. pin point our restless, confesses towards,
these helpless messes. and remember these lessons,
because our chase is never ending. never pending,
just mending this, aesthetic, relic of our imagination.
digesting the silence as the bells are softly heard.
with my heart at peace, my minds adjourned.
with no concern i will let these wounds burn,
and exceed to lay life comfortably, in an urn.
let us walk upon this story, we've created,
and fall upon the deepest autumn
breeze, as our hearts seize,
a moment i wish to freeze.
as my mind calms at ease,
these moments i don't want
to leave,
with you,
and me.

dernière pensée,

up here, on this face.
to see as if times lost,
its pace.
to feel so gloom,
and appear to accept,
the ruins.
if love.
cant speak above.
last words, we speak of.
as the silence your eyes appeal,
my minds where i conceal,
this love letter i fond,
to reveal.
under my cue,
finally behind this blue,
as i begin to accrue,
this less lonely view.
im in lost thoughts,
as my tears drip, into frost,
i loose view of this past.
as we move the mast,
knowing this wind will not pass.
upon this hush,
ive begun to rust,
upon the loss of cue.
lifes lost in circles,
the feel of this greet,
upon our souls, fleet.
nothing, could compete.


crawlin, dipping, along, deeper, into my gloom.
expecting happiness to come soon,
while i stare at this round moon.
as my high begins to die,
less and less of me becomes alive.
reaching for the utensil,
to attempt to understand my corruption.
please just move on and forget my disruption.
lost, never to be found. stuck in this continuous,
round. just let me sink beneath this ground.
as good as gone, better just to move on.
here's my last song, hope you can understand this fawn.....


lost in thought,
as my mind rots.
escaping what i've become,
as i place my heart, to be hung.
the tears, that spread among
my eyes, as i leave this disguise.
lost without any clue, where to start.
letting my soul slowly die off.
with my connection disabled,
forgetting what i was told,
running memories until, old.
when i can let this all go,
i will let you know.
let me walk alone,
and atone for my mistakes.
let me die,
and let my thoughts reside,
upon your heart.


stuck, all cut up,
lost all senses and, gut.
what? down a new road, back
to where i left,
should be classified as theft.
only lost to be noticed,
never thought i'd lose this.
wish i could have a kiss,
goodbye, nice to forget this lie.
pressed all i had into my,
grotesque heart, i sometimes wish,
i could go back to the start.
she shows me the world,
and the only one who's unfurled, me.
wish i could be your everything,
but somethings better on the other side.
move on and remember our stride,
because i really did try.

lets go.

a mind full of secrets,
too hard to think,
resort to a minute, cigarette.
frustrated with the loss of time,
stumble upon hidden views,
stay awake in such sublime.
you wont find piece of mind,
without being blind to this,
society's mass crime.
you know how to speak,
when your mind's construed.
i wish you weren't so blue,
give me your heart,
and i will imbue upon you.
the gestures we trade,
makes my mind a parade,
tell me when i've overstayed
my welcome.
to walk empty streets,
with no purpose and defeats,
is where i'm, seated.
come here,
help me walk this route
without tear, or fear.
you're beautiful,
one with true thought,
who can witness, this mind
rot. we have all the time,
in the world she taught, me.
she makes, me feel free.


the flight of concrete,
raising before your eye.
loosing sight of your feet,
you've never felt so close to the sky.
too unstable to cry,
knowing everyone on your side,
is ready to die.

blood shot into the tube,
lost in sight of those who
you once loved,
blood dries the beloved.
sight of nothing left,
wish my heart wasnt kept.
sometimes forget to let go,
wish this hurting wouldnt show,
wish i could give up and grow.
lost thoughts give up for lost souls,
life's digging out of dead holes.

i wish i knew,
how to be on cue.
neglect this blue.


far, from exhaust..
knowing we're lost,
i hope this vein doesnt last.
fallen between hoops,
these faults, have lost their
truths. we're all in the past,
lest we forget whats last.
you grabbed my heart and,
took my cold, sold reality
to joy. lead me up to
the nights end, where we
can go pretend...
we've been too long in
thought, im done with
getting caught.
but your eyes, they fight
with more bite than
a kiss on the cheek.
i cant, get out
of what im into
with you.
i cant get out,
of what im into with you...
i cant, live without,
you. please make


so cold..so old..
something that's not supposed to be told.
view on a tilt, to retract the thoughts split.
keep your feelings to yourselves,
so there's no more guilt, only truth
which isn't so implausible, unless you see
through these eyes.
my heart has died, and dried.
there's nothing more i can be,
ignore my minds' debris.
let me rot, and grieve.
because the lesson was not
learned, as my trust burned.

you've been wasting the time,
watching those chimes hang, upon my ribs.
lets lay upon the arms of the past,
oh, i wish this life could recast.


sometimes hard to,
not get caught up in
her symmetry and, focus
on the past.
her heart, bigger than she say,
though i know my arms are where
shes supposed to lay.
lost in my mind, of whats
real and whats just the coarse
of time. still in fear, of the near.
cant find a clue, just have to live
knowing you.
remembering the games
we played, and the fast
masquerade of boundary.
cheered, when warmed with your
smile, its the only way it should be.
distance cannot explain your ways,
but your eyes do, and thats
who i love,


standing, waiting for you.
with a hand full of what has lasted.
as you enter the center of my eye,
it gives me the glum pleasure to see.
i cant lie by you, any longer
goodbye, please dont cry.
As i see your eyes tearing
i told her, id always be waiting
i will always be waiting.
as i stare in your eyes,
i wouldnt want to be any where else,
id rather die.

as i walk on, i look back behind,
and see that ive turned blind.
never thought id ever cry,
but i did. oh,
i did.

doux rêves

jump down, the sheets as they collapse.
here, heres a clip from your line.
and well, i hope you're doing just fine.
this instance isn't just for enjoyment,
lets open the windows.

as i sat there in amazement,
i opened my eyes, and she there with me.
As she passes me the towel clip,
i sip my coffee in hindsights 20/20.
as i tried to collect my sheets,
my heart slowly, fleets.

look, into the distance
you will hopefully see the crowd.
lets go explore the sound,
and forget this empty grass,
please let it pass.

as i stare to the place i once stood,
she mentioned.
we're all faltering,
its something we must live with.
that gave me a reason
to forgive her wit.

i kissed her,

i cant.
get out, of what im
into, with
these eyes
been closed


see the light glow, shun.
the pun right from your mind,
dont look to long, it'll imprison you.
stir this brew, its something we can use
to defuse, this bomb.
dont get to amused, lets go phase.

walking corners, seeing foreigners, its not something
i look forward too.
would you come and alter,
this fault here.
make it easy, take your time.
maybe sometime, make it easy,
take your time.

to learn from this petty crime,
im tired of wasting line after line.
make it easy, take your time.
i'll wait for this, but promise me
you'll stay around.
maybe sometime, make it easy,
take your time.


"so sentimental
not sentimental no,
romantic not disgusting yet
darlin, im down and lonley
when with the fortunate only
ive been lookin for something else
do let do let do let jugulate do let do let
lets go slowly, discouraged,
distant from other interests
on your favorite weekend ending
this love's for gentlemen only,
thats with the fortunate only
no i gotta be someone else
these days it comes, its comes, it comes it comes it comes it goes.."

" lisztomania, think less but see it grow,
like a riot, like a riot,
im not easily offended,
its not hard to let it go,
from a mess, to the masses."


As I swept by, among street lights, I couldn’t stop but realize,
how much I’ve lost you, it hit me like a bullet to the head.
It took me too long to understand that,
This love I held, was not the same she had for me.
Stupid me, all ever do is try,
Try and be a simple guy.
My mind is a continuous cry for aid,
Though I keep telling myself im not afraid.
I guess this is what keeps me, from dying,
Hm all this lying.
Just keep going, it will all be over, someday.
As I walk streets, with my head to the ground,
Inside a past, I cannot understand why.
Though when others pass,
I smile, as though my hearts not a mess.
got a friend who doesn’t understand,
that my love isn’t enough to end your fright.
Here, let me just give up this fight.
To give up, on something I held on to,
Through the highs and lows,
Kills me.
Just keep going, it will all be over someday.
As I lay, with my dreams close in eye,
All I see is happiness.
Seems like that’s only coming,
When I die.


its not a miracle, i needed.
its the, silence of your love,
that makes me think of,
how close euphoria is.
lets run into place,
stop the continuous trace,
of this stupid chase.

sky, goodbye
sky, goodbye
lets go die
inside this high.
we fly, into nigh.
we fly, into nigh.
because we just cant reply,
all we do is imply.

its that first step,
of letting someones else inside.
all thats left after a year,
are many tears.
feel my hand, its the last time.
well, well, well, im off to find,
what used to be mine.

sky, sky, sky, sky, goodbye.

and when they try to deny,
our past.
not hard to fly oh.
not hard to take by.
lets go die
inside this high.

the rough shake of her make,
aint easy to make much mistake.
counting on, the hidden,
to be bitten, by her catching eye.

follow me lets go run away,
lets discover. i'll be predator,
you be my prey.
lets get lost, stay a stray from eachothers,

goodbye my..
goodbye my..

it was my first goodbye.
on the eighth of july.
lets fly...



the man stood there, in the midst of 28th street.
only man standing with the last thought.
why dont i die.
as he kneels to remember.

" dear love...
im here, in pieces, of something i used to once view through. i lost you. i lost me. ive seen the end. and i dont want you to fall into the washed white snow storm im constantly in. the sight through my heart has subsided to the loss of location via hurontario. my time has been spent, and its time for me to move from this dead end. i dont want to die anymore and id rather it rain so you couldnt see my tears. ive tried so many days. ive given you my best, but this has to be put to rest.

he gathers his organs from the floor,
up to his stomach as he tries to replace
what was ripped out of him.